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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. Although I only started teaching at Equinox 6 years ago, I should’ve known fitness would always be where I would find my purpose. During my times in college, group fitness is where I came to decompress from auditioning and performing. During contracts in musical theatre, I’d always find the local studio, and as a student, I always wanted to know exactly why we were doing each exercise and what I should feel. I found myself just idealizing my favorite instructors. I just thought they were the bees knees. Here I am 6 years in, and I remember that feeling, and every time I step into the studio, I remind myself what an honor it is and responsibility to teach. I teach because I love people, I love helping people, and I love to learn, and I want to help people learn and love fitness. I have a degree in dance, NCSF personal training certificate, pre and postnatal certification, 200 hour yoga, barre certification, boxing certification, precision nutrition certification, and every year I add a new certification to make myself a better teacher for me and for you. Know that when you come to my class, you are in the room with someone who constantly tries to learn more, challenges themselves to do better when they know better, and genuinely wants to help you no matter your level. I thank you for checking out my website. 

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